Monday, December 9, 2013

Catching up....Yikes

Well, we have been super busy with school and now we are in the thick of the holiday season, slammed somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's hard to believe the "big day" is in a little more than two weeks! I'm going to try and get things caught back up, hee hee. This first post will be about a trip Big Red and I took to Sedgwick County Park here in was a cool, dreary day and it ended up raining for several days straight. This day away just kind of reminded me why we are choosing to homeschool. Being able to think beyond the classroom and observe the world without so much structure is awesome. Big Red enjoyed himself. Hope you like the pics.
The trees had just started to turn colors and some beautiful leaves had fallen and stuck to the path.
Just walking along...
Some more beautiful views... One last look at a set of prints we found in the mud. We had some fun pretending it was a dinosaur or some other wild beast, LOL!
Hope you all enjoyed that...I have several more posts to come!