Thursday, October 3, 2013

Getting to Meet the Pioneer Woman!

Things have been busy here around our house these days...Big Red's soccer career has blossomed, lol. Last weekend (the weekend of the 28th) of the we had about 17 million things going on...My husband was attending a Baptist men's recharge out of town, my nephew was having his 12th birthday party Saturday afternoon, Big Red had a soccer game first thing in the morning Saturday, and there were a few other miscellaneous going's on sprinkled in there as well. Then I found out my favorite chef/Food Network TV personality, Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, would be signing books here at a local bookstore. Was it possible? Would I get to meet my favorite chef...the one who actually presents recipes that are just as good eaten as they are pretty to look at? Meeting her might actually happen! Then, I read that the bookstore had started handing out numbers to see said chef back in August. My heart sunk. I was sad for a minute but tried to cheer myself up. I asked my husband what he thought about me going to the bookstore to see if there were anymore tickets. He thought I ought to go and see if there were more tickets. So....after Big Red's soccer game, my mother-in-law, Big Red, Little Red, and I moseyed on down to the bookstore. And guess what?! They had tickets!!! So, guess who was going to see the Pioneer Woman? My mother-in-law and I and the kids, that's who!!!! It took forever for the next week to pass. Time ticked away...ever-so-slowly. Then came "the day!" It was cold and raining, basically absolutely miserable. Big Red played in his soccer game at 9am, which I was slightly upset about. It was about 58 degrees and very windy. Little Red and Baby Red went to Grandma's house during the game. My husband was out of town, so I got to shiver through my poor little guy's game alone. After quick high-fives and "good games" we headed back to Grandma's house to meet up with Grandma and the girls. Soon we were loaded up, tickets and books in hand, and we made our way toward the bookstore. Upon our arrival, we were able to get a good parking spot and we made our way up to the shop. It wasn't long before we got to meet our first special person of the day...Ree's daughter, Alex!!
Alex was very nice and we chatted for a few minutes. She even signed Big Red's "Charlie the Ranch Dog" book!! We made our way inside and waited in line. It moved so quickly and I have to say the kids were pretty well-behaved! I have had worse experience in the line at the grocery store! When we were next in line, I just about couldn't believe it! My mother-in-law and I were beyond excited! Ree was very nice and very down-to-earth! All three of my redheads fell in love with her and I think the feeling was mutual!
I thought Baby Red was going to jump out of her lap, though, LOL
I am taking a picture with my camera this time and Ree is helping me get the kids to look at me!
She was soooo awesome and signed something for a friend of mine, too!
Big Red is telling Ree about the haircut his Mama gave him the night before. And now my favorite pic, no blinking, everyone looking at the exciting memory for all of us...
It was so cool to get to meet Ree and her daughter Alex! For those who don't know the Pioneer Woman, she is the wife of a rancher down in Oklahoma (our neighbors to the south) and she blogs and cooks and she is an all around nice lady! I can't wait till the next time she comes to town so we can go see her again!!