Monday, September 16, 2013

A Soccer Career Begins :)

This past week has been a blur. My "bigs" were sick with an upper respiratory infection and I've been protecting Baby Red like a big, ole bossy hen. The last thing that girl needs is to be sick. Her two little front teeth are pushing themselves out crazy fast! By Saturday, Big Red was feeling better, so Dad and I agreed that he could play in his soccer game Saturday morning. BTW, he is playing AYSO soccer here in Wichita this year in Region 208 (NW Wichita/Andale/Goddard/Colwich/Maize)and his cute little team is called the "Green Hulks!"
The kids took turns sitting out every other quarter
Getting ready to kick off for the second quarter!
Gotta make sure Mommy and Daddy are watching!
Kieran and one of the "Ian's" on the team
Another action shot and a shot of K throwing the ball back into play!
It was a good game...the Green Hulks won, like 10 to 3, or something along those lines. Kieran scored a goal and a good time was had by all the boys!
Here is to a great season, Big Red (and the Green Hulks)!!!!!