Thursday, January 9, 2014

To Lose or NOT to Lose....

The decision to lose weight was one I was ready for. I felt "puffy faced" and ridiculously uncomfortable. The last time I felt this uncomfortable and wasn't pregnant and huge was back in the summer of 2004. I had just returned from a vacation with my Dad, Stepmom, and two step-sisters. I had a blast but I still had a hard time looking at pictures of myself. I just didn't feel like myself and I knew something had to give... FLASHBACK...
Now, that picture was taken in June...and naturally, hee hee, June gives way to July :-) By this point, my cousin Karen and I had decided we had had enough. So, we went down to the local Weight Watchers meeting place and signed ourselves up. I was living with Karen and her husband at the time, so we were able to learn together and challenge one another as we radically changed our lives, as well as all of our habits. Together we lost around 100 pounds in the course of about nine months. But...a lot has changed since then!! Life has happened. I got married in 2007, and between 2007 and the current day, we have had five kids between us. Jobs have changed, kids have grown, and Karen and Terry (and the boys) even moved out of state. It's been a happy time, mixed with its ups and downs. For me personally, the last year and half or so has been a real change of pace. I left my job in August 2012 after nearly 14 years. I became a stay-at-home Mom as well as a homeschooling Mom and a general domestic engineer. I had never been any of the above before and over the course of time, I let my emotions and situations control my habits. I recovered well from the birth of my third child in December 2012, better than my other two pregnancies. But it didn't take me long to pack on the "Freshman Fifteen (plus...)." I started feeling uncomfortable about looking at myself in pictures again and knew it was time for a change. I am. Needing another true life change. I am asking God to help me and my family through this, both mentally and financially. I have learned to be more thrifty since we have gone from two incomes to one, so now I am having to recalibrate my thriftiness to make this work. Eat less...move more (as my cousin just told me this morning!!). I did make a minimal investment...$18.95 to join Weight Watchers online, which will help me track my activity. But I have many valuable resources which should help us do the most with less! Firstly...a supportive husband who is also joining me on this journey. As well as our kids. :-) The local public library, which gives access to recipes and advice for changing the way my family and I eat and live!
Aldi's has definitely become my second go-to place. I am sooo thankful that I have one nearby! They have so many more, high quality, low cost natural, organic, and low fat options than ever before. I will share more as time goes on regarding my savings there.
Wal-Mart and Sam's Club is another good place to get affordable items. These were purchased at a local Neighborhood Market, using coupons, which brings me to my next helper....
COUPONS! COUPONS! COUPONS! Clip 'em, print them, whatever works out, just use them! There have been a lot here recently for more diet conducive items, so keep your eye out! Those are just a few helpers. I am going to keep this up, listing meals and their costs, both financially and nutritionally. Maybe someone will be helped out by the information. I am hoping, though, that it will be more of an accountability aid for myself. I won't stop making Pioneer Woman recipes because, well, they're just totally scrumptious. I just won't be able to make them as often, or might need to adapt them for our needs. I'm just praying for strength, wisdom, and will-power. :-)


  1. We are here for you, Hillary. In our prayers (yes we pray) :)

  2. you can do this hillbilly!! I'm on my own journey as well and this has given me even more strength!!! Thank you.....

  3. Hey, Hillary! What a great blog and I will be here to encourage and pray for you. Who knows maybe I will get inspired to start over as well!!! Maybe! Love you guys and take care!

  4. Hiya, Sammy! You're sure not alone! We can rock this and get 'er done!