Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Visit with Emma (and the OTHER Mr. and Mrs. Chopped Liver!)

Well, Mr. and Mrs. Chopped Liver is a nickname lovingly given to my husband and I at almost the minute Big Red was born. From that moment on, we were no longer Jared and Hilly, we were Big Red's parents, or better yet, Mr. and Mrs. Chopped Liver. It makes us laugh every time we hear it and around my Father-in-Law, we refer to ourselves with that name. So I am referring to my brother and sister-in-law as the OTHER Chopped Liver couple :). Enough about the background of our silly nickname...a couple of weeks ago, my brother and sister-in-law made an impromptu visit to my in-laws' house and our kids got to play together. Miss Emma is two months and three days older than Baby Red. Their interaction is so precious! Two cousins, just hanging around. I really hope that they get to be as close as my cousin Karen and I are. We are a month and a week apart, which was always important, at least until we turned 30, LOL! Aunt Carolyn and Great Grandma were visiting and we were excited to take some pictures with Great Grandma L. Such precious memories! Everyone smile!!! Here is a special one... Miss Emma and Great Grandma! Little Red wanted to get in on the action too! What a big girl!

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